Cairns Tactiles / TGSI

Cairns Tactiles is a trading division of Groundwork Services Pty Ltd and part of The Groundwork Group of Companies.
Cairns Tactiles can supply and install Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI's)
The following products are available:
  • Tactile Ground Surdace Indicators: polystud, polyblade, polypad, fibre reinforced tiles, ceramic tiles, 316 stainless steel studs
  • Safety stair treads, nosing inserts and anti-slip tapes
  • Wheelstops and Speedhumps

If you would like Cairns Tactiles to quote for your project, based on a Supply & Install, or a Supply Only of product, please call our estimator Paula on 07 4045 4388 or email and we will be happy to do a price up for you.

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Our Product Range

*Specifications available on request. If you require a particular product for your project, get in contact with us, as it can be sourced!

Fibre Reinforced Tactile

Fibre Reinforced Solid Tactile are the latest and most practical innovative product on the tactile market. Becoming quickly popular with our local Councils, these Tiles are designed with hardiness in mind, ideal for areas where harsh sun and warm temperatures tend to affect the longevity of other tactile products. Avoid lifting and peeling corners, brittle and breaking product with these easy to install plates!

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New unique 600 x 900mm format makes PolyPad Tactile seamless. They are designed to retro-fit over almost any substrate and provide installers and building owners with the most simple and effective installation system. Less joins also ensures less dirt ingress and possibility of failure.

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Polystud, discrete architectural plastic Tactile indicators are designed for installation in aesthetically sensitive applications or where exotic substrates are used such as polished timber, marble, granite, and the like. Polystud is engineered and purpose built tough to withstand extreme point loading and side impact. The unique formulation and large anchoring spigot not only ensure the product is made to last, it also protects the substrate from any possibility of damage. Polystud is long lasting & resistant to heavy traffic abuse and maintenance machinery.

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Polyblades are an effective and easy alternative to individual Polystuds, providing a series of studs inter-connected via a 10mm Blade at 600mm lengths, for fast installation. Considered a retro-fit Tactile, Polyblades are a cheaper alternative to Polypads, and are suitable for concrete and asphalt surfaces, or areas featuring exposed aggregate.

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Stainless Steel TGSI Range

Discrete architectural 316 stainless steel Tactile indicators are designed for installation in aesthetically sensitive applications or where exotic substrates are used such as polished timber, marble, granite, and the like. Our Stainless Steel TGSI's are manufactured from one solid piece of 316 stainless steel so that the Tactile head will never detach from the anchoring spigot.

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Stair Tread Nosing

Cairns Tactiles installs heavy duty integrated safety Nosing that are manufactured from reinforce aluminium extrusion and anodised to provide building owners with a long term, attractive, non-slip safety solution. Our Stair Nosing are compliant, designed to provide optimum slip resistance and luminance contrast on the leading edge of stairs in accordance with the Australian Standards AS1428.1:2009 and will also provide the stair edge to enhance the service life of your assets.

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Wheelstops and Speedhumps

Do away with the heavy, expensive cement wheelstops and do a quick and easy installation with our rubber wheelstops. Complete with fixings, these wheelstops are easy to maneuver, can be installed by one person, and their safety stripes provide high visibility in any parking lot.

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