Earth Retention & Slope Stabalization

Involves incorporating various products to assist in reinforcing earth and and mass gravity structures, such as Embankments and Slopes; Retaining Walls; Open Drains/Swales; Rockfall protection.


Rigid Mesh Gabions are making their way onto the landscaping market due to their neat, clean-cut appearance and aesthetic value. Create a defining retaining structure in your backyard or use the smaller-sized prisms as ornamental garden furniture - the options are endless!
Rigid Mesh is sold as individual panels of various set sizes, so you can create your own sized prisms to suit your required needs.

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Rock Gabions are wire cages formed into a box structure filled primarily filled with rock. When joined, they can be assembled to create many shapes. Primarily used as wall structures to stabilize embankments, drop structures and bridge abutments to dissipate water flows and various landscape features. Vegetating gabions is encouraged to increase stability by root growth through the mesh. Usually combined with Rock Mattresses to produce total protection. We call this "hard/permanent armour", a permanent solution. Manufactured from galvanized wire to main road specifications. We are able to supply gabions and mattresses alike manufactured under a GALFAN wire coating process, where aluminium is added to the zinc process, providing additional life to the wire. A GALFAN-PVC coating is also available for harsh environments (coastal and mining applications)
Gabion Wire baskets are recently becoming popular with landscapers for their cosmetic value, and are becoming more common in the everyday backyard, creating attractive garden walls and small fences.

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A flexible double twist wire mesh net draped over loose slope faces to contain falling rock debris. Used extensively in high risk areas, such as roads, rail, residential suburbs, utilities and public areas. When fractured rock falls off the face it is simply guided down to the base of the slope. Produced under the same manufacturing methods as Gabions, Rockfall Netting is also available with a GALFAN or GALFAN-PVC coating for extra durability. Rockfall Netting rolls generally come in a standard size of 2m X 50m.


The keystone to the system is the Ground Anchor. These anchors take advantage of some basic principles of soil mechanics and do not require any concreting. They are simply hammered into the ground and are then "locked" into position by putting themunder tension. Their unique design means that, depending on the kit size used and soil conditions, these lightweight, small anchors can each hold about one tonne weight. Hundreds of thousands of Anchoring Systems have been installed worldwide in an increasing range of applications.

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There are various types of Geotextiles including nonwoven, woven, high strength and composite � all of which perform various functions within different applications.
Primary functions are filtration, separation and reinforcement. High quality MRS11.27 Strength Class Geotextile is commonly used in many civil engineering applications.

We also provide 50m Handirolls in 0.60m, 1m, 1.2m and 2m Lengths, available in 'A' Class MRS 11.03 strength only.

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The primary function of an Erosion Control structure is to control temporary erosion (caused by precipitation and run off) until vegetation is established. A secondary function is to promote germination of the seed by maintaining moisture and temperature, which is critical for seed germination. With the ability to enhance water filtration whilst protecting topsoil, Jute mats is the simplest, safest and most cost effective method of promoting new growth on slopes and embankments. Designed for Slope Protection, Drainage Swales, Mulch Protection, Dune Conservation and Grass Spillways.

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Embankment Wall Reinforcement: When constructing an earth embankment or block wall face, geogrids can assist in reinforcing the structure. The grid ties the face into the back and when filled and compacted form a reinforcing layer. Manufactured from Polyester yarns formed into a mesh type sheet. The fill forms an interlock with the grid.

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