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A system comprising of 3 Soil Anchors, wire tendons and clips which when installed across tree rootballs, can offer stability and security. Various sizes available to suit specific tree heights and rootball sizes. Unlike Guying Systems, Rootball Kits are buried in the ground and therefore not a safety issue.


Similar to the Rootball Kit each kits consisting of  Soil Anchors, wire tendons and clips. Unlike Rootball Kits, Guying System tendons are draped over the tree with collars, the anchors are then driven into the ground and tensioned to support the tree vertically. Consideration should be given as to whether the tendons would be a risk to the public, in which situation, Rootball Kits are recommended. Various sizes available dependent on tree.



A cellular confinement system generally used where "turfed hardstance areas" are preferred (parking areas, tracks, driveways etc). Manufactured from HDPE they will take large loads preventing slumpage in the subbase. The beauty is having grass over concrete.

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Rootguard is a sheet a 1mm HDPE sheet which when installed around the base of trees or structures can deter roots encroaching into unwanted areas (foundations etc).

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A biodegradable "soil conditioning" product aimed primarily at water retention in all types of vegetation including plants, grass, turf, beds, containers, podiums and green walls. Hydrocell also assists in capillary action within the soil medium and is non-hydrophobic but will allow excess water to drain off reducing the risk of root rot. As hydrocell absorbs water it will also help to hold the nutrients. All these factors lead to improved plant growth.

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We supply all accessories for landscaping such as Treemats, stakes Ties and Guards.

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