Rigid Mesh Gabions

Rigid Mesh Gabions are becoming the latest craze on the landscaping market!

Rigid Weld Mesh Gabions are hitting the landscape market by storm! This form of gabion is manufactured into panels from 4mm Galfan steel wire. Our product is made in Australia, from Australian materials, guaranteeing quality product which will give you value for money.

The straight facing created from these sharp gabions offers an aesthetically appealing look compared to their counterpart, the double twist mesh gabions, more commonly used in civil applications or in areas that are not so visible.

There are numerous applications for gabions, from retaining walls and structures, free-standing walls and fences, posts, garden features and more.

Gabions can be filled with a variety of materials, ranging from standard quarry shot rock to various forms of granite. In some instances (not for structural or retaining purposes) recycled materials such as bricks or timber can be used, to enhance visual appearance.

Rock in the Box Gabions come sold as separate panels, allowing for flexibility of size and structure. General assemblage requires the gabions be put together on site, involving the use of spiral connectors or lacing wire along all corners and edges and between each panel, with bracing wires/stiffeners placed in the middle of each gabion to aid in the stability of the product. We will include the quantities and pricing of these smaller items when pricing up your work.

Come in and see us for advice and samples, download our brochure giving you the basic rundown, or check out our gallery for some cool ideas.

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